Farm to Fork


Our farm to fork business provides end-to-end solutions and services to farming community in India and delivers safe, high quality, pesticide free agricultural produce to end-customers at affordable prices. Through vertical integration across the agricultural supply chain, tech-driven algorithm, high quality agri-inputs, and our grocery supermarket chain we add enduring value at various touch points to farmers, our partners and end-customers. We plan to offer a wide variety of agricultural produce including grains, pulses, spices, fresh vegetables and fruits in both organics and pesticide free segments.

Services offered to farmers:

    • High quality agri-inputs
    • Tech-driven algorithm to provide accurate yield prediction and profitability estimates
    • Transparent pricing system that enables farmers to earn more compared to mandi
    • Help farmers understand benefits of chemical and pesticide free farming
    • Educate farmers about market trend and focus on crops providing better returns
    • Support sustainability initiatives like rainwater harvesting, solar power, soil fertility restoration, etc.