Partner/Vendor Connect


  • Use of high quality agri-inputs and latest technological developments in farming techniques 
  • Transparent pricing system that enables farmers to earn more compared to mandi
  • Chemical and pesticide free farming
  • Understand market trend and focus on crops providing better economical returns
  • Reduce agricultural produce wastage

Agricultural land owners

  • Long-term collaboration for organic farming
  • Contract farming
  • Increased productivity and diversified agricultural produce
  • Better economical returns

Partners in Agricultural Supply Chain

  • Agricultural producers requiring linkages to retailers in domestic and international markets 
  • Logistics companies focused on streamlining supply chain in agricultural sector
  • Retail chains looking for high quality fresh produce and other agricultural products 
  • Companies focused on agricultural commodities trading 

Partners in Retail

  • Commercial land owners looking for retail opportunities 
  • Grocery supermarket franchise 
  • Distribution companies in the Food and Beverage industry 
  • Digital services companies