Working towards a safe, sustainable and healthy future


Quanto Agroworld was established in 2018 to build sustainable and economically resilient agricultural sector in India. Our vision is to become the first-choice company for pesticide free agricultural produce for all customers across the world and reduce environmental pollution to create a sustainable and growing agriculture-based economy. We have our own farming, processing, distribution, and retail operations to ensure that agricultural produce of the highest quality providing wholesome nutrition is available to consumers. By engaging with the farming community directly, cutting intermediaries in the supply chain, and controlling the operations from ‘farm to fork’ we improve farmers’ social and economic conditions and help our customers live a healthy and safe life. Today, we have farming operations in Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, and Bihar in 1000+ acres of land and work directly with 1500+ farmers. We are a completely debt-free company backed by strategic investors aligned with our vision. We plan to open our own chain of organized grocery supermarkets ‘QU Mart’ with 40+ outlets by 2023.



Our Farming Operations

  • Help improve productivity, profitability, and quality of life in our community and conserve natural resources 
  • Focus on crops that help improve farmer’s economic condition
  • Educate farmers about the benefits of chemical and pesticide free agriculture
  • Provide high quality agri-inputs and use latest technological advancement
  • Support initiatives like carbon sequestration, rainwater harvesting, and solar power plants to decrease overall carbon footprint 
  • Drive wholistic engagement with farming community

Our Processing Units

  • Adopt efficient and environmentally friendly food processing technologies
  • Don’t use chemicals, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients
  • Emphasize on preserving nutritional value and minimizing waste
  • Prioritize quality over production speed
  • Use sustainable packaging materials that are recyclable or biodegradable – aim to achieve ‘zero waste’
  • Use sustainable building materials

Our Farm to Fork Operations

  • Help farmers sell safe, healthy, and chemical-free agricultural produce directly to end-customers without the intervention of middlemen
  • Focus on farmers receiving full value of their produce with a transparent pricing system that enables them to earn more when compared with the mandi
  • Use tech-driven algorithm that helps in accurate yield prediction and profitability estimates
  • Reduce food wastage and the time required to bring the produce from farm to fork
  • Deliver high quality products to end-consumers via our grocery supermarket chain

Our Retail Super Market Chain

  • Organized and aesthetically pleasing grocery supermarket chain, QU Mart, run by trained employees to provide an pleasant shopping experience
  • QU Mart is typically larger in size than a traditional grocery store and offers a wide variety of food products along with various household merchandise and pet supplies
  • Avenue for farmers to directly sell their produce to the end-consumers
  • Centralized operations for supermarket design, customer service, staff training, product procurement and distribution, and deliveries
  • Plan to open 40+ QU Marts in Mumbai and Thane districts by 2023
  • Working on launching our own e-commerce portal and grocery shopping app by Dec 2022

Our Core Team


Our founders are seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders with decades of experience in domestic and international markets across several industries. We believe that everyone deserves clean agricultural produce – free of pesticides, and artificial ingredients.  We are committed to build a strong agricultural sector and an organized grocery supermarket chain. We share a common passion for healthy living, reducing food waste, protecting the environment, and promoting sustainability in every walk of life. We embrace technological developments, find sustainable solutions and products for our customers, and manage our businesses to conserve earth’s natural resources.




  • We work directly with farmers to improve their social and economic conditions
  • Customer health and convenience is at the heart of everything we do
  • We are passionate about building a strong agricultural sector and an organized grocery supermarket chain in India
  • We are fully integrated in the agriculture supply chain providing highest quality of ‘farm to fork’ experience